Horse Trailer and A Horsebox

Main Differences

So you own a horse and you need to transport it!  When it comes to transporting horses essentially you have two options, a horsebox or a horse trailer.

horsebox is a style of vehicle that’s designed solely for transporting one or many horses.  Horseboxes look similar to a camper and are suitable for transporting one or many horses.

horse trailer is a “mobile stable” that you simply attach to the back of your car via a towbar.  These can be quite small or large, ensuring room for the horse to be safe and as comfortable as possible whilst being transported.


Dimensions Inside - L 3150 x W 1700 x H 2300 mm
Dimensions Outside - L 4500 x W 2260 x H 3040 mm
Tare Weight - 920 kg
Payload - 1500 kg

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