Horse Trailer and A Horsebox

What are the main differences between a horse trailer and a horsebox?

horsebox is a style of vehicle that’s designed solely for transporting one or many horses.  Horseboxes look similar to a camper and are suitable for transporting one or many horses.

horse trailer is a “mobile stable” that you simply attach to the back of your car via a towbar.  These can be quite small or large, ensuring room for the horse to be safe and as comfortable as possible whilst being transported.

Is one better than the other?

This usually depends on how often you wish to move your horse and also what kind of budget you have.  Most people will only transport their horse occasionally, so a horse trailer will always be much cheaper and will have a very basic cover as part of your car insurance policy.  If you own a horse trailer it will always be advisable to take out a dedicated horse trailer insurance policy for it.  

Driving and handling

Driving a horsebox is usually much easier than driving with a trailer especially as some people do not like to tow or even have a car that’s suitable to tow.  Especially true if you need to travel on long journeys. 

Transport of horses and other equipment

The horsebox gives a better environment for transporting horses than a trailer. It’s not just about the room within the horsebox, but also the direction that the horses are facing when being transported.

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